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need help in matlab graph

Asked by sara alaraby on 11 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by sara alaraby on 12 Apr 2019
Dear all
need urgent support:
if i have SINR1,SINR2,SINR3,SINR4 & Pt=-30:30
need to draw a 4 graphs with Pt on x axis & SINR in y axis
how can i write iy by matlab code please.
Kindly noted that all one of the SINR is matrix (15*30)


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1 Answer

Answer by Clay Swackhamer on 11 Apr 2019

SINR = rand(15,30) %15 x 30 matrix of random numbers
Pt = linspace(-30, 30, 15) %create a vector from -30 to 30 with 15 entries (x values)
plot(Pt, SINR(:,1)) %plot the first column of SINR
hold on
plot(Pt, SINR(:,2)) %plot the second column of SINR
plot(Pt, SINR(:,2)) %plot the third column of SINR
Hope that helps.

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I have 4 variables of each SINR & each one is matrix 15*30

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