Create a Matrix with Specific Pattern for Changing Values

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Allison Bushman
Allison Bushman le 16 Avr 2019
How can I create a matrix such as this one where the change in value is some dx and each column varies differently?
[-3*pi/4 -3*pi/4 -3*pi/4;
-3*pi/4 -3*pi/4 -3*pi/8;
-3*pi/4 -3*pi/4 0;
-3*pi/4 -3*pi/8 -3*pi/4;
-3*pi/4 -3*pi/8 -3*pi/8;
-3*pi/4 -3*pi/8 0;
-3*pi/4 0 -3*pi/4;
-3*pi/4 0 -3*pi/8;
-3*pi/4 0 0;
-3*pi/8 -3*pi/4 -3*pi/4;
-3*pi/8 -3*pi/4 -3*pi/8;
-3*pi/8 -3*pi/4 0;
-3*pi/8 -3*pi/8 -3*pi/4;
-3*pi/8 -3*pi/8 -3*pi/8;
-3*pi/8 -3*pi/8 0;
-3*pi/8 0 -3*pi/4;
-3*pi/8 0 -3*pi/8;
-3*pi/8 0 0;
0 -3*pi/4 -3*pi/4;
0 -3*pi/4 -3*pi/8;
0 -3*pi/4 0;
0 -3*pi/8 -3*pi/4;
0 -3*pi/8 -3*pi/8;
0 -3*pi/8 0;
0 0 -3*pi/4;
0 0 -3*pi/8;
0 0 0]

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 16 Avr 2019
Create a grid of values, then unwrap:
xval = [-3*pi/4 -3*pi/8 0];
[a,b,c] = ndgrid(x,x,x);
x = [c(:) b(:) a(:)]


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