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How can I change a plot based on the file name?

Asked by Alexis Brierty on 16 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Geoff Hayes
on 17 Apr 2019
I want to plot some knee angles but I want to change the line style based on the file names.
An example of the file names would be:
BFND_W1. c3d
So for all fname's containing "plus", I want it to plot a "--" line and for all fname's containing "minus", I want to plot a ".." line.
I tried to use an if elseif code but just don't know how to code "if fname contains the word plus", "elseif fname contains minus".
Thanks in advance!!


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1 Answer

Answer by Geoff Hayes
on 17 Apr 2019

Alexis - depending upon your version of MATLAB, you can use use either strfind or contains to determine if a substring exists within your filename. For example, the code
filename = 'BFND_W1.minus3.c3d';
linestyle = '-';
if ~isempty(strfind(filename, 'plus'))
linestyle = '--';
elseif ~isempty(strfind(filename, 'minus'))
linestyle = '-.';
% plot your data with the chosen LineStyle
might do what you want.

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Alexis' answer moved here
Thanks! I'll give it a go

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