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Image Labeler automation algorithm

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Kirill Karpov
Kirill Karpov le 24 Avr 2019
Hi everyone,
I used image labeler to mark up 20 images. I have 1500 more frames from the same video. Now I need to automate the markup process so that I can only correct errors and teach further. I would be grateful if you could give me an example of the code implementing this.
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Miguel Capelo
Miguel Capelo le 25 Août 2020
Did you found out how to do it? I have the same doubt.

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darova le 24 Avr 2019
Use read():
v = VideoReader('vid.avi');
for i = 1:v.NumberOfFrames
I = read(v,i);
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Kirill Karpov
Kirill Karpov le 24 Avr 2019
If I'm not mistaken it will simply break the image into frames rather than automating the markup in image labeler

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel le 8 Sep 2022
You can create an automation algorithm for the Image Labeler app:
You can open an example using:
>> edit vision.labeler.VehicleDetectorACF


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