obsvf confused by documentation

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Pranav Gupta
Pranav Gupta on 27 Apr 2019
Answered: M on 23 Sep 2019
Shouldn't (Ao,Bo) is controllable be replaced by (Ao,Co) is observable?
obsvf Observability staircase form.
[ABAR,BBAR,CBAR,T,K] = obsvf(A,B,C) returns a decomposition into the observable/unobservable subspaces.
[ABAR,BBAR,CBAR,T,K] = obsvf(A,B,C,TOL) uses tolerance TOL. If Ob=OBSV(A,C) has rank r <= n = SIZE(A,1), then there is a
similarity transformation T such that Abar = T * A * T' , Bbar = T * B , Cbar = C * T' .
and the transformed system has the form
| Ano A12| |Bno|
Abar = ---------- , Bbar = --- , Cbar = [ 0 | Co].
| 0 Ao | |Bo |
-1 -1
where (Ao,Bo) is controllable, and Co(sI-Ao) Bo = C(sI-A) B.
The last output K is a vector of length n containing the number of observable states identified at each iteration of the algorithm. The number of observable states is SUM(K).
See also obsv, ctrbf.

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M on 23 Sep 2019
You were right, the documentation for obsvf function has been updated recently:

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