Two-phase fluid - Methane

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I am trying to model a piping system in which the fluid in use (CH4) changes phase from liquid to gas.
For this task, I have been using the "Two-Phase" blocks provided by Simscape fluids.
In order to define the fluid in use, an extensive number of thermodynamic properties such as "Liquid and gas specific volume tables", "Liquid and Gas specific entropy tables", "Liquid temperature tables".... have to be inserted.
So far I haven't been successful in gathering all the required data and I was wondering if there was a better way (without using two-phase fluid blocks) to work with such fluid (given the need of the phase change), or if there's a library where all this data could be imported to Simulink.
Any helpful information is welcome!

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Hi Alejandro
As of now, there is no direct way of specifying the fuild as methane. A quick search on thermodynamic properties of Methane would provide you with the necessary values that you are looking for.
In case you have not already, please have a look at the following document on manually generating fuild property tables.

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