How do I roll back C2000 hardware support package version?

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Matthew Gingerich
Matthew Gingerich le 14 Mai 2019
I'm using the C2000 support package to program an embedded processor using Simulink and Code Composer Studio. I believe that the most recent C2000 support package update (18.2.2) has broken some features I need. Is there a way to roll back to the previous version (18.1.4)?

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur le 15 Mai 2019
Hi Matthew,
Can you help us understand what is not working with (18.2.2) so that we can take a look in to the same.
Please note, 18.1.4 is to be used with 18a release and 18.2.2 is to be used with 18b.
So we need to go to 18a version of the MATLAB to work with 18.1.4.
Venkatesh C
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Matthew Gingerich
Matthew Gingerich le 16 Mai 2019
Modifié(e) : Matthew Gingerich le 16 Mai 2019
Maybe I don't have the version numbers completely correct, but what happened was my code would program and run from my computer until I updated the C2000 support package, and then it stopped working. But when I send the same code files to a different computer where the C2000 support package is not updated, everything works. The March 20th update to the C2000 support package is the one that I believe made my code stop working. Is there any way to roll back to the version from before that update? Or is there something else I should try? I already tried reinstalling all the software from scratch and upgrading to the latest version of Matlab.
This photo shows that the C2000 support package was updated on March 20th:

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