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Can Matlab mobile and Matlab online run at the same time?

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Modifié(e) : Pradeep le 23 Mar 2021
I have installed Matlab Mobile on my android phone to acquire some sensor data. I can connect to Matlab Cloud and record sensor data there. I can see the data files when I log into Matlab Online. However, I can only run Matlab Online or Matlab Mobile but not both. I get the message: You can have only one MATLAB Online session open at a time. Ulitmately, I want to collect sensor data in (near) real time and access it in Matlab online without having to upload it in separate sessions. Is this possible? I've followed the steps in the documentation but can not find any reference to the session issues I'm experiencing.

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Pradeep le 24 Mai 2019
Modifié(e) : Pradeep le 23 Mar 2021
EDIT: As of September 2020, it is now possible to log in to MATLAB Online and MATLAB Mobile simultaneously. Once you're signed in to the app with your MathWorks Account, you can also log in to MATLAB Online with the same account and use the MOBILEDEVLIST function to start connecting to your mobile device, as shown below:
It is currently not possible to MATLAB Online and MATLAB Mobile simultaneously.
One option: you can collect sensor data from MATLAB Mobile on your phone even when you are offline (i.e,. not connected to MathWorks Cloud) and later upload it to MATLAB Drive. I don't think it's still real-time, but perhaps an improvement over your current workflow.

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