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How to analyze excell sheet with Multiple Tab

Asked by sriram shastry on 25 May 2019
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on 30 May 2019
I want to analyze the excell sheet with multiple Tabs. please find the attachment

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replace dot with '_' in file name
clc, clear
Month = 'Apr';
Year = 2015;
[Data, text, alldata] = xlsread('KP_Finance_FY2017-18_V1_17',[Month '-' num2str(Year)],'G3:G1000');


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Answer by sriram shastry on 29 May 2019

Concept :
I need to iterate all the Excell sheet tabs followed by data parse using string capture and values associated
Convert the cell into name and values (cellfunc)

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You can use xlsinfo to find all of the sheet names. That will give you a cell array of character vectors. You can process those in several ways. regexp() can often be useful in breaking apart cell array of character vectors.

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