Why doesn't the A2L file from the CCP block of C2000 Embedded Coder Support Package have the part of DAQ list?

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I'm using C2000 Embedded Coder Support Package,and I want to use CCP block on DSPF28335,but I find that the generated A2L file doesn't have the part of DAQ list,why?Should I change some settings?

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 30 May 2019
Please check our example model at:
To define parameter and signal for tuning and logging refer the section 'Using Supported Objects and Data Types' at page:
Venkatesh C
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zy1 on 31 May 2019
Thank you for your answer.
Another question:
An error occurred while double-clicking the inner subsystem 'c28x_ccp_ert/CAN Calibration Protocol1/DTO Processing/CCP/CAN Calibration Protocol':

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