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Create symbolic variables with assumptions (syms)

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Rafael Gallego
Rafael Gallego on 3 Jun 2019
Commented: Rafael Gallego on 14 Jun 2019
When I try to create a symbolic variable setting an assumption I get an error.
syms x real
Error using strjoin (line 19)
Expected input to be one of these types:
Instead its type was string.
Error in setToMuPADSet (line 8)
mset = strjoin(S, " intersect ");
Error in sym/assume (line 586)
mset = setToMuPADSet(S);
Error in syms (line 261)
assume(xsym, control); % overrides former assumptions of xsym
No issues if no assumption is set.


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Mohammad Alhashash
Mohammad Alhashash on 4 Jun 2019
Then try this one
syms x

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