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AD9361 Transceiver Help with FastLock Profile

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I am trying to use the fastlock profiles on the 9361 for my development. I have the E310 system object, but it cannot re-tune frequency fast enough to support what I need to do. Is there a way to use the existing library ( in order to do what I need to do? The system object itself looks pretty locked down as far as visibility goes, so I don't really have a reference other than the Analog Devices help and/or github.
The alternative is re-write the gpp to 9361 SPI bus interface, but I would much rather add to existing as opposed to write from scratch
Thank you

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 7 Jun 2019
Hi William,
I'm afraid it's not possible to use the fastlock functionality in the current E310 system objects, and you are correct the system object in this case is pretty locked down. It's a function of our implementation approach. For exactly this reason, from 18b, our Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio support (which is based on the same zynq+ad9361 hardware as the E310) is based on Analog Devices' libiio infrastructure, which makes it all a lot more open. In this case, you can access the IIO kernel drivers directly, if you wish. We hope to move the E310 to the same framework, but we are not there yet.
I'm sorry I can't be more help at this stage.
Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 15 Jul 2019
Hi William,
I'm afraid it's likely you're heading down a path you might not get much success with. Our E310 images have a very custom FPGA image which is tightly intertwined with the software we ship, so I don't think you will manage. It was to remove the closed design that we made the shift to libiio for the Zynq Radio support package, there is some info here. Like I said earlier, we are working on moving the E310 to the same hardware and software images, but I can't promise when that will be available. If you contact us via tech support we can provide more info.
Kind regards,

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