Can I Use the Special Function Keys to Interrupt a Script?

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Back in the old QuickBasic and early Visual Basic days I would write code that allow me to interrupt a running algorithm by pressing a special function key. Is there a similar function in today's Matlab?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Aug 2012
If you have a graphics involved, then you can set a WindowKeyPressFcn callback.
However, handle graphics callbacks are only given control under limited circumstances, such as if there is a pause() or drawnow() call. If your code is pure computation, then if the computation is mostly at the MATLAB level then timers can interrupt them; if the pure computation is built-in or MEX routines then there isn't any way to interrupt other than control-c.

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 23 Aug 2012
Ctrl+C will kill a running script/function
Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 23 Aug 2012
Forgive me if you know about breakpoints and using the debugger, but you can place the command
in a script, and it will pause execution of the script just like a breakpoint. Althought this requires knowing a priori where you want stop a scripts execution.
Another alternative is to set a conditional/error breakpoint that will pause execution when a condition is met that you specify.

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