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How to do brake calculation in matlab ? We are using inboard braking system for Go-kart and i need a detailed explanation.

Asked by Avinash B on 9 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Avinash B on 10 Jun 2019
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Answer by Veer Alakshendra on 10 Jun 2019
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Hi Avinash,
I hope you have the brake equations with you. In that case you just need to use some basic MATLAB functions. Here is a link which lists out examples to solve different types of equations:
You can go through these examples and use the one as a reference which matches with the type of equations of the brake.
Also, if you are aware of MATLAB Designer App you can build a brake calculation app. Here is an overview of App Designer:
Recently, one of the student team used the MATLAB App Designer for brake calculaions. Link: