Plotting output of three MPU6050 sensors in Matlap in three different graphes

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Hey guys.
I want to plot my programming code from the arduino/teensy in matlab to see the real time data in a diagram. So what I already have now is the programm code to read out the values of three MPU6050 sensores as a change of the angle in x-, y- and z-axis.
So, now I would like to plot three different diagrams for each axis. And in every diagram, there should be all the three sensors over the time. I am not really used to Matlab workspace, so I would like to get some help here.
I am thankful for every kind of help! :)
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Ajwad Wa'ie
Ajwad Wa'ie on 1 Dec 2019
Bro if you don’t mind, can you share the code for three mpu-6050 on Arduino, because I got the same problem as you

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon on 7 Jan 2022
For Arduino board, you could use mpu6050() to connect MPU6050 sensor
a = arduino;
imu = mpu6050(a);
ylabel('Acceleration (m/s^2)');
title('Acceleration values from mpu6050 sensor');
x_val = animatedline('Color','r');
y_val = animatedline('Color','g');
z_val = animatedline('Color','b');
axis tight;
legend('Acceleration in X-axis','Acceleration in Y-axis','Acceleration in Z-axis');
stop_time = 100;
count = 1;
while(toc <= stop_time)
[accel] = readAcceleration(imu);
count = count + 1;
drawnow limitrate;
For more help
For more help refer MPU6050 - Arduino
>>help mpu6050
Hope this helps


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