MinidroneCompetition: Possible reasons for a flag?

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The diagnosis system told me a flag is triggered but I dont know what conditions the minidrone is in now. Probably it is because I set the zout in Path Planning subsystem to be zero - but I still want to know the general reasons that can cause a flag. Meanwhile, I would like to know how xout/yout/zout was referenced with or limited in the Path Planning subsystem (according to the introduction video). Thank you for replying.

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Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 27 Jun 2019
Hello Ningyuan,
Can you please send a screenshot of the error you receive? Presently, I assume that you get an error similar to this:
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:
Considering the explanation of the issue, I feel it is possibly because of the Assertion block in 'parrotMinidroneCompetition/Stop Simulation' which turns true at a specific time (1.77) that stops the simulation.
When you navigate inside the model, you observe that the Flag signal is the output from 'parrotMinidroneCompetition/Flight Control System (flightControlSystem)/Control System/Crash Predictor Flags' block. You can navigate here.
To know the exact blocks that is causing the simulation to stop, you can consider using 'To Workspace' blocks at the u1, u2,u3 and u4 signals. After you run the simulation, you can check the corresponding workspace variables that has changed the value to 1 from 0.
I hope this helps!
1111 on 1 Sep 2019
Hello, I found my model got an error like what you have mentioned. And I have tried your solution. I found u4 has changed the value to 1 from 0. I don't know what's that mean and how to modify my model. I hope for your help. Thank you!

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