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Inverse Direction of Arrival Estimation

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Farai Mahachi
Farai Mahachi le 19 Juin 2019
Direction of Arrival (DoA) as used in radar signal processing determines the angle of arrival of a signal from a target. Usually, this is done on each frame using 1D range fft outputs.
The DoA output is then stacked into a matrix form, called the Range-Azimuth spectrum matrix.
Is it possible to perfom an inverse algorithm on the Range-Azimuth spectrum matrix to obtain the initial 1D fft matrix, before the DoA estimation?

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 19 Juin 2019
If you are sure that Range-Azimuth is obtained via a 1-D FFT, then you can just do an inverse FFT, as long as you have the original complex Range-Azimuth response, not just the magnitude from the plot.
However in general this information is not available. So one possible way to get around is to extract the directions and then simulate the data. For example, you can use sensorsig in Phased Array System Toolbox to simulate the test signal.

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