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Contour maps from lat-lon?

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Andrea Cecilia
Andrea Cecilia on 20 Jun 2019
Commented: Andrea Cecilia on 25 Jun 2019
Hi to everyone
I need to create contour maps of parameter T (temperature) from a grid of type
Latitude Longitude T
42.44567 12.457393 25.3
... ... ...
I also have a shapefile to put as bakground of these maps.
I don't need to interpolate with a complex algorithm the values, because the grid contained in the file comes from an interpolation algorithm and it is very thick (250 m of resolution). So, it is enough to use something like the inverse of the square of distance to plot the contour maps.
Because I am new in matlab world, can someone give me some tips for starting?
the final objective is obtaining something like this:
Thank you


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Aravind Ravikumar
Aravind Ravikumar on 20 Jun 2019
Edited: Aravind Ravikumar on 20 Jun 2019
Hey, you could use the contour() function (documentation here). More specifically you can use, countour(X,Y,Z) with Latitude as X, Longitude as Y, T as Z. You can also add title to your figure (documentation here).
You can use mapshow() (documentation here) with shaperead() (documentation here) to load your shapefile. You can overlay the figures with hold on or you could try something like this.

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Andrea Cecilia
Andrea Cecilia on 25 Jun 2019
I've tried to give
where Lat, Lon, T are nx1 arrays containing double values. It gives me the following error:
Error using contour (line 48)
Z must be at least a 2x2 matrix.

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