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How to get the row and column from a matrix?

Asked by Gerhard grand on 23 Jun 2019
Latest activity Edited by Satish Patro on 23 Jun 2019
I have a matrix A I want to find the size of rows and columns of it . How to do it


Gerhard would you mind explaining why the other was better? Eventhough it was the same answer?
No both were fine it's just that the other person wrote the exact line of code that was needed.

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Answer by Akshay Malav on 23 Jun 2019
 Accepted Answer

Below is the code snippet for it .
[row column] = size(A) % size returns the rows and columns of matrix A
Here is the doc for the same .


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Answer by Satish Patro on 23 Jun 2019

As the answer provided by @Akshay will provide length of rows, cols not values
subA = A(row, col)
row or col value can be 1 value, can be a range, can be some blocks only
Remember, MATLAB index value starts from 1, not zero
row2 = A(2, :)
':' denotes all, since it is mentioned in col means all colums. SImilarly
col3 = A(:, 3)
fetching only 3rd col
row24 = A([2 4], :)
fetching value of 2nd & 4th row
col1to3 = A(:, 1:3)
Fetching col from 1 to 3


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I have mentioned it in the question actually
And that's why it was confusing - because the subject line did not agree with the body of the post. Getting "the row and column from a matrix" is much, much different than getting the dimensions (size) of the matrix in terms of number of rows and number of columns in the matrix. But anyway, glad both answers were fine.
Yeah Image Analyst. No Gerhard. You need to edit the question. The description is fine. But, the question is not like description. The other accepted answer is as per your description. My answer is as per your qestion head. In simple english "How to get the row from a matrix" in the sense any specific row is not same as "How to get the row from a matrix".

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