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How to save a GUI figure in matlab

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faiza gul
faiza gul on 24 Jun 2019
Commented: Robert on 2 Dec 2019
Like this picture I wanted to save my GUI figure. But I dont know how to do that


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Murugan C
Murugan C on 26 Jun 2019
we can use the saveas command to save your Figure OR GUI to a specific file format as like below.
If you press Save Fig button in gui, below code gcf will capture your window and save in bmp format into your current directory.
output.bmpFig- output.bmp

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Robert on 2 Dec 2019
thanks to this example, which solved my problem first. Nevertheless I would like to save a gui window in png or jpg-format, because the size of bmp ist pretty big. If I choose jpg or png, only a small part of the figure is saved. Do you know a solution for this?
Kind regards

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Yash Totla
Yash Totla on 24 Jun 2019
You can use the saveas command to save your figure to a specific file format.
% ...
h = figure;
plot(X, y, '-bs', 'Linewidth', 1.4, 'Markersize', 10);
% ...
This way, the figure is plotted, and automatically saved to the desired file format.
Alternatively you can wait for the plot to appear and click 'save as' in the menu.

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Rik on 24 Jun 2019
Since the menu is generally disabled in a GUI, that option is probably not available.

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