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Compiler for Matlab 2007B on windows 7-64bit, where to find microsoft platform SDK?

Asked by Hugo
on 30 Aug 2012
On the Matlab page for 2007B compiler support, it is noted that Microsoft Platform SDK 14.0 should provide a suitable compiler for win64 systems. ( The other options are Intel compilers or Visual C++ 2005 SP1.
I'd prefer to use the Microsoft Platform SDK 14.0, but am having a hard time finding the executable.
Has anyone come across this SDK or find another way to get things working?


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2 Answers

Answer by Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 30 Aug 2012

HTH - This is the closest thing I could find:

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Thanks for the effort Rolfe
I also found this FAQ html page. Unfortunately, I does not include this slightest hint when it comes to download location or version numbering of the SDK. Along the line MS changed the name from Platform SDK to Windows SDK, which have different version numbers. I have not been able to find how version numbers compare.

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Answer by Jan
on 30 Aug 2012
Edited by Jan
on 30 Aug 2012

The Server 2003 SDK SP1 has the same v14.0 compiler "CL" as MSVC 2005:
Or perhaps in parts (? not sure about this?):

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Thanks Jan.
I also found this SDK. However, the compiler installed by this package is not recognized by Matlab 2007B. Might there be some way to change the paths (does it use paths or does it rely on the registry?), that the mbuild script searches for compiler.

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