PID Tuning in Simulink

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sujoy bhakat
sujoy bhakat le 5 Juil 2019
How do I tune PID controller for the attached model for X & Y?
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sujoy bhakat
sujoy bhakat le 6 Juil 2019
Thanks Raj,
Please find attached the simulink model in ver 2016a.
Raj le 8 Juil 2019
I am sorry buddy. Its still crashing for me. Not sure what is the issue here. Post some screenshots if possible.

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Ganesh Regoti
Ganesh Regoti le 17 Juil 2019
There are multiple ways to tune the PID controller. I would suggest the following method
  1. Open the PID Controller dialog box of the respective signal.
  2. Select the appropriate Tuning method (Double Click on block > Automated Tuning > Select Tuning Method) and Click on Tune.
The PID is automatically tuned. You can refer the following link to check other methods




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