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Buffer a polygon with a non constant value

Asked by Pauline Combarnous on 9 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Pauline Combarnous on 10 Jul 2019
How could I buffer a zone around a polygon with a non constant value ? What I want to do is to expend a polygon (or buffer it would do the work) but only on two sides (left and bottom). Does anyone have a solution ? (I have r2016b)


Pauline - it isn't all that clear (to me anyway) what you mean by "expend" or "buffer". Are you trying to increase the size of the two sides? Or do you mean something else? Please attach an image or diagram of what you are trying to accomplish.
On the picture attached : the black shape is my initial polygone. I want it to grow until the orange lines, so only on the left and the bottom. I would like something like the function polybufferbut not all around my polygon.

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1 Answer

Answer by jahanzaib ahmad on 9 Jul 2019
Edited by jahanzaib ahmad on 9 Jul 2019

Share the code . What have u done ? Polybuffer command give constant offset positive and negative .


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