How to change values in XML file?

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I apologize in advance as I have never worked with XML and this is my first try so any assistance will be really appreciated. I am trying to change a value in a XML file using Matlab with the following structure:
<setting name="test1">
<setting name="test2">
<setting name="test3">
<Air elev="83.0" temp="59.0" pre="29.9247">
The value I want to change is "0" to "1" in "test1" and also the value of "elev" in "test3". For the first part this is what I have till now:
a = docNode.getElementsByTagName('job');
b = a.item(0);
c = b.getElementsByTagName('setting');
d = c.item(0);
The problem is that this is my output for line3 in the 'test1.xml' file.
<setting name="test1">20
I really have no clue how to deal with the xml when there are attributes and I have no idea how to change the value of attributes. I would really appreciate any help!

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 4 Sep 2012
Working with XML can definitely be tricky! Fortunately, these kinds of things are pretty well documented...
For your two cases, it'd be something like
d.nodeValue = '2';
Robert Ungi
Robert Ungi on 7 Jan 2022
Maybe a more generic way:

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