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Getting colors using RGB values w/ scatter3

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Hans123 on 16 Jul 2019
Commented: Adam Danz on 16 Jul 2019
I am trying to get grey colored plot points on my 3D scatter plot, I am unfamiliar with scatter3. From the error messages I am getting using the conventional method (on a regular plot, shown below) - I am assuming there should be an established color vector.
This is what I have currently
scatter3(X,Y,Z,'filled', c, [17 17 17]);


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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Jul 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 16 Jul 2019
rgb triplets are normalized between 0:1
To convert from decimal code, divide by 255.
% equals
[ 0.066667 0.066667 0.066667]
The color gray is
% RGP TRIPLE %CSS3 proposed standard name:
[0.5 0.5 0.5] %gray
[0.82422 0.82422 0.82422] %light gray
[0.75 0.75 0.75] %silver
[ 0.66016 0.66016 0.66016] %dark gray
[0.14844 0.14844 0.14844] %mine shaft
[ 0.4375 0.5 0.5625] %slate gray
See the rgb() function on the file exchange for RGB triplets to many different colors.
To apply that to scatter3; here's how to color all points gray and filled.


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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Jul 2019
See this example
c is the matrix of rgb triplets. If you want all points to be the same color and filled,
Hans123 on 16 Jul 2019
works perfectly.
thanks for the link too, really appreciate it

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