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Way to get open database cursors?

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David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith on 5 Sep 2012
Database toolbox Q here--if that ain't your kuleana, please ignore.
Say I've been "lazy" and/or "forgetful" and haven't been closing my cursors before wanting to close my database connection--is there a generic way to retrieve all open cursors so I can close them before attempting to close the connection?
Also, while I have "you" on the line: what's the difference between an "open" connection and a "valid" connection, i.e., the difference between a "false" result from isconnection and an error result from ping?
David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith on 7 Sep 2012
I've submitted "enhancement requests" for a cursor.isopen method and a connection.getOpenCursors method. They've been acknowledged, time will tell...

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