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How to use tmu of CCS in Matlab? How to use sincos_rts block in simulink?

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How to use tmu of CCS in Matlab? How to use sincos_rts block in simulink?

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur le 9 Août 2019
If your hardware supports it, turn on the TMU support (--tmu_support=tmu0 and --fp_mode=relaxed) in addition to FPU support (--fpu_support=fpu32) and then call the sin(), cos()- what the compiler does in this case is replace those calls with TMU instructions.
You can add them under C Compiler under Toolchain details in ‘Code Generation’ tab. please refer below fig.
Also, FastRTS is included in the build using the Linker option in Build configuration as shown below:
Venkatesh C
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Srinivaskarthik potluri
Srinivaskarthik potluri le 10 Août 2019
Thank you for the response!
When I'm running the attached model in internal mode, the data IN the scope is constant. But, when I'm running it in external mode using F28335 experimental kit the th data in scope is decreasing continuously. To verify we have checked the output on CAN analyser tool's TRACE window. But, unfortunately the data is decrerasing there also.
Please provide the solution to rectify this problem.
PS: Please do check the attached model and waveforms.
This model was developed based on the c2000 example model to see serial data in closed loop.

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