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mubeen mohammed
mubeen mohammed le 9 Août 2019
Hello, I am using phased array tool box and i would like to steer radiation beam pattern of the 200 antennas placed in the transmitter and receiver, how can i steer the 360 degree radiation pattern of such antennas in phased array toolbox. As, i know that the beam can be steered in all the directions when we change the different inputs of the individual antennas placed in the transmitter. Do i have that comfort to give different inputs to the 200 antennas using the sensor array analyzer app. If it is possible please, suggest me with some pdf or with some easy videos.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 22 Août 2019
Yes this can be done. You can look at some examples in following pages to see how to transmit and receive with steering
It is also possible to give different inputs to different antennas, but then you may not have the desired beam pattern.


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