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Monte carlo working with function

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Dror Malka
Dror Malka on 14 Aug 2019
Answered: Dheeraj Singh on 23 Aug 2019
I have a function that can calculated any power from 3 samples of matrix, where each matrix defines the power value for each x and y axis and z-axis changing the matrix (I have three). The range for x is -100 to 100 and y from -100 to 100 and z from 0 to 80. Thus, the function can give me any value of power for each (x,y,z) location. Now I want to integrate the monte Carlo method in order to obtain tolerance analysis, where my goal is to achieve the distribution or probability of knowing in which location (x,y,z) I can get power from 0 to 1 dB which is good (inside the range) and for over 1 dB (outside from the range) not good . I think I can assume that each axis (x,y,z) have a normal distribution taken a random number from the range above but don’t know how to get the power values from the function and to applied the monte Carlo method to plotting the histogram of the probability to get 1 dB tolerances for x,y,z locations.


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