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Live Data Acquisition App with 2 Channels?

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Adrienne Blevins
Adrienne Blevins le 21 Août 2019
Commenté : Edgardo AC Abreu le 21 Août 2022
How can I modify the Live Data Acquisition App Example to display and save data from 2 channels instead of only 1? The GUI in the example is perfect for my system, and I would just like to be able to add on one more channel.
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Edgardo AC Abreu
Edgardo AC Abreu le 8 Août 2022
Hi Adrienne,
Do you have any update about you qustion.
Im trying to do the same.
best regard

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Ganesh Regoti
Ganesh Regoti le 13 Jan 2020
I understand that you need two input channels for the Live Data Acquisition app. To achieve that you can do the following
  1. You can edit the mlapp file using the following command.
edit LiveDataAcquisition.mlapp
2. Open the design view and add respective dropdown for Channel-2 from component library. (drag and drop)
3 .In codeview, the DAQSession is created in the function updateChannelMeasurementComponents. You can add another input channel to the same session. You can refer this link
After you make appropriate changes in the code. The app must take in data from two input channels.
Hope this helps!
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terry Gorman
terry Gorman le 11 Mai 2022
Did anyone actually get this working?
If so could you send me what code you modified.
Edgardo AC Abreu
Edgardo AC Abreu le 21 Août 2022
Veit try this % Create a new data acquisition object
d = daq(vendor);
addinput(d, deviceID, app.ChannelDropDown.Value, measurementType);
addinput(d, deviceID, "ai1", measurementType);
% Get subsystem information to update channel dropdown list and channel property options
% For devices that have an analog input or an audio input subsystem, this is the first subsystem
subsystem = app.DevicesInfo(deviceIndex).Subsystems(1);
app.ChannelDropDown.Items = cellstr(string(subsystem.ChannelNames));
app.Channel2DropDown.Items = cellstr(string(subsystem.ChannelNames));
Norio try this
% Store continuous acquisition data in FIFO data buffers
buffersize = round(app.DAQ.Rate * app.TimewindowEditField.Value) + 1;
app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer = storeDataInFIFO(app, app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer, buffersize, timestamps);
app.DataFIFOBuffer = storeDataInFIFO(app, app.DataFIFOBuffer, buffersize, data(:,1));%%%isso fez coletar o canal ai0
app.Data2FIFOBuffer = storeDataInFIFO(app, app.Data2FIFOBuffer, buffersize, data(:,2));%%%isso fez coletar o canal ai1
% Update plot data grafico direita ai0
set(app.LivePlotLine, 'XData', app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer, 'YData', app.DataFIFOBuffer);
if numel(app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer) > 1
xlim(app.LiveAxes, [app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer(1), app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer(end)])
% Update plot data grafico esquerda ai1
set(app.LivePlotLine2, 'XData', app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer, 'YData', app.Data2FIFOBuffer);
if numel(app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer) > 1
xlim(app.Live2Axes, [app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer(1), app.TimestampsFIFOBuffer(end)])
Terry, yes i did.
but at the moment Im not able to save bouth channel. I need same help to do this

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