Readtable() confused by quotation marks? Matlab 2019a

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Michael on 26 Aug 2019
Answered: Michael on 26 Aug 2019
When executing
t = readtable('myfile.txt','FileType','text','Delimiter','|');
I am receiving this error
Error using readtable (line 216)
Reading failed at line 52223. All lines of a text
file must have the same number of delimiters. Line
52223 has 5 delimiters, while preceding lines have 9.
Note: readtable detected the following parameters:
'HeaderLines', 0, 'ReadVariableNames', false,
'Format', '%f%q%f%f%f%q%q%f%f%f'
I confirmed that the error is thrown, not because of the delimiters but because of a quotation mark. I confirmed this by removing the quotation marks from the file. Is there a way around this without altering the file itself?
Thank You,

Accepted Answer

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 26 Aug 2019
opts = detectImportOptions('myfile.txt','FileType','text','Delimiter','|')
T = readtable('myfile.txt',opts)

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Michael on 26 Aug 2019
That worked. Thanks.

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