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what is the main feature of numerical optimization techniques and does genetic algorithms consider a numerical optimization

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i am wondering about the tybes of optimization in general and what are the main features of numerical optimization. i mean when i can say that optimzation technique is numerical or not. and does genetic optimization algorithm is classified as numerical optimization or not
i would be gratful if any one can give me a good referenc for classifications of optimization techniques that cover all of them


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Dheeraj Singh
Dheeraj Singh on 10 Sep 2019
You can refer to the following link for more information on numerical optimization which is mainly part of Optimization Toolbox:
you can refer to the following slides for more information on how to use MATLAB for numerical optimization with examples :
As for genetic algorithms, it is part of the Global optimization toolbox.
you can refer to the following link to explore more about Global Optimization toolbox:


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