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Sort and match data in a table

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Julian le 10 Sep 2019
Commenté : Julian le 10 Sep 2019
i basically have a table with two collumns.
Col1 Col 2
Label1 9
Label2 8
Label3 6
Label1 5
Label2 5
To analyze this I want to have a table which is basically something like this.
Label 1 9 5
Label 2 8 5
Label 3 6
Then i want to export this to Excel. This is why i thought it would be best to work with tables. Also because in the code before I used a lot of findgroups and splitapply, thats why the format was pretty nice. But right now i'm really stuck. I think there should exist a fairly easy solution, but i don't really see it.

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Julian le 10 Sep 2019
You might consider
groupsummary(D, 'Col1', @(x){x})
where D is table containing your data. This does leave a "ragged right" cell array containing differing lengths and you will need to pad it if you want a uniform tabular representation.
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Julian le 10 Sep 2019
Yes this worked just fine for me, thank you very much :)

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