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Imported Net from Caffe Missing Classification Labels

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Miraç  Gülgönül
Miraç Gülgönül on 12 Sep 2019
Answered: Shivam Sardana on 24 Sep 2019
When I import a pre-trained Caffee net with importCaffeNetwork including the .prototxt and .caffemodel files and look at the last layer to see the classification labels it outputs:
ClassificationOutputLayer with properties:
Name: 'ClassificationOutput'
Classes: [class1 class2 class3 class4 class5 class6 class7]
OutputSize: 7
LossFunction: 'crossentropyex'
I would assume that these labels are included in the files, so why are they missing here?


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Answers (1)

Shivam Sardana
Shivam Sardana on 24 Sep 2019
There is a name-apir input 'Classes' argument which you can pass in importCaffeNetwork. You can refer to this documentation link for more detail:
Hope this help.


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