Implementation of functions not supported by Mathworks

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Kunihide Hirai
Kunihide Hirai le 13 Sep 2019
Commenté : Kunihide Hirai le 13 Sep 2019
You are trying to implement a feature not supported by Mathworks on the TI C2000 TMS320F28379D processor.
The build itself has finished normally, but parameters cannot be set for some registers.
What settings should I add later to set parameters in the TI C2000 TMS320F28379D processor registry?
The configuration file custom code has the following settings and the necessary files are inserted.
In the Simulink model, the header is set to Modek Header and the header file declaration is included.
Model Header.png
Registry setting is done using Model Copy block instead of S-function block.
The example of insertion is implemented as follows.
The generated C code is as follows.
RegistoryInsert1_C Code.png
The files generated in the ERT folder are as follows.

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur le 13 Sep 2019
Please refer the below post for the SDFM settings needed to enable the same.
From the post, User got it working after enabling the module clock.
You can use custom code blocks from simulink coder to add initialization code.
Venkatesh C
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Kunihide Hirai
Kunihide Hirai le 13 Sep 2019
Thank you for the advice.
It seems that registry data could not be set because we forgot to run the SDFM1 and SDFM2 module clocks.
When the module clock is enabled before the GPIO setting, values are entered correctly.

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