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how to open .mat file in matlab?

Asked by Asma Ahmed on 16 Sep 2019
Latest activity Edited by Asma Ahmed on 16 Sep 2019
I am tring to open Yeast.mat in matlab , but it does not work.
I got an error (Not enough input arguments.Error in importfile1 (line 9) newData1 =load('NotreDame_yeast.mat', fileToRead1);
function importfile1(fileToRead1)
% Imports data from the specified file
% FILETOREAD1: file to read
% Auto-generated by MATLAB on 16-Sep-2019 02:26:56
% Import the file
newData1 = load('NotreDame_yeast.mat', fileToRead1);
% Create new variables in the base workspace from those fields.
vars = fieldnames(newData1);
for i = 1:length(vars)
assignin('base', vars{i}, newData1.(vars{i}));


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 16 Sep 2019
 Accepted Answer

You are calling importfile1() without passing in a parameter.
You cannot run importfile1() just by clicking the green Run button: you have to call it from the command line or from some other code.
You need to pass a character vector or a scalar string object. The item you pass can include wildcards, such as 'jan*' to load all variables that begin with "jan"


How can we call it from the command line? It still does not work.
if you want to import all of the variables that start with 'jan' from the hardcoded mat file (and that file must be in the current directory or else on the MATLAB path)
Thank you so much.

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Answer by Sebastian Körner on 16 Sep 2019

Not sure what "fileToRead1" is, but per definition it should be the variable you want to load from your file
if you want to load the hole file try:
newData1 = load('NotreDame_yeast.mat');


you can check the different syntax types of load here:
Thank you so much.

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