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How to organize random 3D point cloud data to a collection of 2D slices

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David le 13 Sep 2012
I am trying to convert a random 3D point cloud from a laser scanner to a series of 2D slices - made of points - running along one axis. To state it another way, I want to take the point cloud and turn it into a 2D polygon of points and stack those polygons together. Imagine stacking CD's on a spindle - similar to that.
I understand how to do it, but I was wondering if there was code already written to do this. Does anyone know?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 13 Sep 2012
Sounds like you may want a three-d delaunay triangulation:

Ebube Ezi
Ebube Ezi le 23 Nov 2018
Hi David, sorry this is not an answer to your question but what you've done is exactly what I want to do, Please could you help with info on how you did it. Thanks

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