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If we have non-linear constraint can we use "quadprog"

Asked by RAHUL KUMAR on 19 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Matt J
on 19 Sep 2019
I have non-linear function and linear constraint so we can use "quadprog" my question is if i have non-linear objective function and no-linear constraint function ,can we use "quadprog" algorithm if not then which algorithm use


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1 Answer

Answer by John D'Errico
on 19 Sep 2019
Edited by John D'Errico
on 19 Sep 2019
 Accepted Answer

No. Quadprog is only able to accept LINEAR constraints. (equality, inequality, as well as bound constraints on the parameters. But they are all linear.)
Anyway, if your function is itself generally nonlinear, as opposed to a quadratic form, then you still cannot use quadprog.
You can use fmincon though, as it does accept nonlinear constrints.


(x-2)^2+(y-3)^2+6=0 and x^2+6=0
Thes constraints are infeasible. They have no real-valued solutions. Did you mean perhaps,
(x-2)^2+(y-3)^2 - 6 = 0 and
x^2 - 6 = 0
If you don't want to use fmincon, it would be best for you to tell us why and in what way the alternative needs to be better.

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