uploading csv file as ground truth data for deep learning

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Hi Juys
kindly i want to know how to upload csv file as ground truth data to matlab to be used as training set for deep learning

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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash on 23 Sep 2019
It is uncertain what you meant by 'uploading' csv data.
If you are looking to import data into matlab, you may use the Import Tool. It is found on the 'Home' Tab, under 'Variables' section, by clicking the 'Import Data' icon.
See more details here:
If you were asking about Matlab Online (where you need to upload the file to the internet) you may first upload the file on Matlab Drive. After that, you can import it into Matlab Online using the same Import Tool mentioned above.
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tara saber
tara saber on 13 Jan 2022
how to read or load datasets into matalb that has a ground truth labling as cvs file not mat files ?

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