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Removing old versions of Matlab

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Prieni le 30 Sep 2019
Commenté : Prieni le 29 Mai 2020
It's hard to believe but it seems that nowhere on the Mathworks site one can find information on what is the best way to remove previous versions. There is one question from 2013 that still is unanswered.
I think it should be part of the installation instructions anyway.
Specifically I'm looking for instructions for an OS X machine. If it's only to delete the MATLAB_R2018a.app that still sits in the programs folder that would be also worth spelling out.

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula le 27 Mai 2020
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Prieni le 29 Mai 2020
Yes and no. I'm not sure if everything that was installed with that version is removed or not. When you have uninstallers they usually also remove other parts.
I'm pretty sure that was what my question then was eluding to. It's too long ago to really remember. But thanks for answering even if it took some eight months to get to it. ;)

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