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Asking for a license file?

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Brian Pearson
Brian Pearson on 1 Oct 2019
Answered: Dheeraj Singh on 4 Oct 2019
We have an enduser who uses Matlab and renewed his license for 2019-20.
Once I sent him the FIK key info for 2019B he is claiming that it's asking for a license file to complete the install.
What do they need to do. I am the contact for the license but we only pay the bill. I don't do the techie side of things so
any help is mucho appreciated.

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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar on 1 Oct 2019
Ask him to login to MATLAB account which has license within matlab. There we can choose various options to access the license.

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Dheeraj Singh
Dheeraj Singh on 4 Oct 2019
Contact your sales representative to get detailed understanding about your license terms. If you don’t
know who your sales representative is, MathWorks support can help you find your sales representative:


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