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Is matlab getting rid of the string variable?

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John Hunt
John Hunt le 4 Oct 2019
I tried to run a program that I made in matlab to write some G code and I got an error saying that the variable type sting will no longer be supported. Is that really happening?
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the cyclist
the cyclist le 4 Oct 2019
That seems radically unlikely to me.
Can you post the full error you saw, and ideally a self-contained code snippet (i.e. that we can run ourselves) that will generate the error?
John Hunt
John Hunt le 4 Oct 2019
Well, I opened up matlab again and ran the same code and it worked just fine. The might have been a weird update or something, but the error is gone.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 4 Oct 2019
Yes. In fairly old versions of MATLAB around R12 there was a datatype named string that was removed from MATLAB. I no longer recall what it used to do.

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