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How can I get the phase of a ConformalArray

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Alecsander Eitan
Alecsander Eitan le 6 Oct 2019
I'm using a ConformalArray of many elements.
The array is build by:
el = phased.IsotropicAntennaElement;
el.BackBaffled = false;
h = phased.ConformalArray();
h.ElementPosition = Config.SubArray{1}.ElementPosition; % based on our array architecture
h.ElementNormal = Config.SubArray{1}.ElementNormal; % based on our array architecture
h.Taper = ones(size(SV)); % the SV is a steering vector, one complex value per element
h.Element = el;
c = physconst('LightSpeed');
Then I compute the equivalent pattern of the array (including the steering vector) by using:
[PAT,AZ_ANG,EL_ANG] = pattern(h, Fc, AZ, EL, 'PropagationSpeed', c, 'Type','powerdb', 'CoordinateSystem', 'polar', 'Weights', SV(:),'Normalize',false);
Where AZ and EL are arrays for the estimation.
The problem is that I need the phase of the equivalent array and not only the power.
I tried several options but none worked. I saw some solution using ArrayResponse but they don't have the steering vector as an input and therefore result is not what I looking for.
Please nelp me with this.
Thank you,

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 7 Oct 2019
Could you elaborate what you mean by having steering vector as an input? In your pattern() call, the steering vector (I assume that's what SV is) is passed in through 'Weights' option. That option is available for ArrayResponse too so you should be able to get phase that way. If you encounter any issue, I'd happy to help out.

Alecsander Eitan
Alecsander Eitan le 8 Oct 2019
I tryed phased.ArrayResponse, but was not able to get the the 2-D response which matches the pattern function (when comparing the power).
Can you help me with the correct configuration to get it?
Thank you,

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