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What are the differences between Simscape Driveline and Simulink Powertrain Blockset?

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Looking at the product pages on Mathworks' website, Simscape Driveline and Simulink Powertrain Blockset seem be aimed at the same tasks even though, as far as I understand, the way Simscape works "under the hood" is different from Simulink systems.
What are the differences then? In which situation would I pick one over the other?

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Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena le 21 Nov 2019
Thanks for your question, Federico. You are correct in that either Simscape Driveline or Powertrain Blockset can be used to accomplish similar goals. Simscape Driveline uses an acausal / equation-based approach to modeling, which makes it quite easy to assemble complex topologies of mechanical components. Powertrain Blockset uses a causal / Simulink approach to modeling, which works well for controls-oriented developers. The “right choice” really depends on what technology you want to use for your project. For example, if you want to design a custom transmission by assembling base components (gears, clutches, inertia, etc.) into a schematic, then Simscape Driveline is well suited to your needs. If you want a Simulink-based vehicle model that’s already built for you, Powertrain Blockset provides comprehensive examples that integrate a Dual Clutch Transmission or Automated Manual Transmission into a closed-loop vehicle model.
Many of our customers use both products for their projects. They will start with one of the pre-built vehicle models from Powertrain Blockset, then customize the underlying subsystems with Simscape. This can include replacing the default driveline subsystems with one of their own models developed with Simscape Driveline. The two products can be used together in order to take advantage of Powertrain Blockset’s closed-loop vehicle models and Simscape’s customizeability.

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