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how to extract data after squeeze the matrix?

Asked by Muaaz Badrul on 14 Oct 2019
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on 14 Oct 2019
i have 3D data that will be squeezed to 2D data matrix. the data is 116x150x45 where after the squeeze, i want to take out sample 1-25 only,
thus, Y should have 25 for Y(1) until Y(25), but i only got Y that will extract and replace after squeezing. anyone can help?
for a = 1:25
Y=squeeze(fmridata(:,:,a)); % for healthy patients from 1-25


You would be far better off just taking
fmridata( :, :, 1:25 )
and working with it from there via indexing.
but the data will still be in 3D right? or it will be converted into 2D matrix?
It will still be stored in 3d yes. But how it is stored in a variable doesn't really matter. It's what you do with it from there that matters.

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Answer by Rik
on 14 Oct 2019
 Accepted Answer

Something like this is probably what you're looking for, although it makes it more difficult to compare the same pixel over all patients.
for a = 1:25
Y{a}=squeeze(fmridata(:,:,a)); % for healthy patients from 1-25


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does this mean that the array of 116x150 have 25 layers? i need it slice by slice like Y1 , Y2, until Y25
on 14 Oct 2019
My code will result in a cell array with 25 elements, where each cell contains a matrix of 116x150. This avoids numbered variables, which are a bad idea in general.
As indicated by others: The squeeze is not needed, and a 3D array is probably a better idea, depending on what you want to do next with this array.
okay thanks for your help.

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