How to get a bathymetric map from .txt file

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Kelto7 le 14 Oct 2019
Hi, I'm not a proper user of Matlab, so I apologize for my question, maybe the answer is obvious. I have a .txt file (attached) that represents the bathymetry of a certain grid, as shown in the figure. The grid has two orthogonal coordinates, that are M (74 cells) and N (133 cells). The file organizes the depth data in this way: it considers all the 74 values along the M direction, for N=1. Then again, for N=2, the next 74 values of M direction are furnished, and go on (positive values represent water depth, negative values land ground, -999 represent no data).
My goal would be to be able to get the information of depth from .txt file and use them on a grid, in order to represent the bathymetry through a X, Y, Z scheme (then by meshgrid, contour commands). I am anyway stuck on the basic process, which is how to read the data. I would be really thankful if anyone could give a help!

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Abhilash Padma
Abhilash Padma le 5 Nov 2019
Use “fscanf” method to read data from a text file. Refer the following documentation:

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