how to use if statement with arrays

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Jordan Paxton
Jordan Paxton on 16 Oct 2019
Commented: Stephen23 on 16 Oct 2019
I am trying to take a section of a 1D array and test if it would be less than a value and if it is the display error, The only thing I am getting back is the array itself.
A=[11 9 17 16 29 41 42 65 88]
if A(1:4)>10
disp("error in hw catagory, please fix hw scores")
if A(5:6)>30
disp("error in quiz catagory, please fix quiz scores")
if A(7:8)>50
disp("error in midterm catagory, please fix midterm grades")
if A(9)>100
disp ("error in final catagory, please fix final scores")

Accepted Answer

TA on 16 Oct 2019
This might solve what you're trying to do:
if (mean(A(1:4)>10) > 0)
disp("error in hw catagory, please fix hw scores")
Using logical "A(1:4)>10" would tell you about whether any of the case contained within if statement is true or not.
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Stephen23 on 16 Oct 2019
Simpler to use any:
if any(A(1:4)>10)

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