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R2019b version and AD9361 SDR does not work correctly.

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jarul on 22 Oct 2019
Closed: Walter Roberson on 23 Oct 2019
I have installed R2019b version of the Matlab.
After installing, the matlab meant for SDR does not work correctly.
Even the following code does not work:
Receive Tone Signal Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364
and also run the following code:
Transmit and Receive using LTE toolbox for AD9361/AD9364
Can you check the following functions and library?
Originally it was as follows:
Changed it as follows:
Originally it was as follows:
[data,len,lostSamples] = sdrReceiver();
burstCaptures(:,:,frame) = data;
Now Changed to as follows:
rxWaveform = capture(sdrReceiver, captureTime, 'Seconds');
The above mentioned functions, do not work correctly.
When I execute, I get the following errors:
Error using matlabshared.internal.ssh2client
Error connecting to SSH server at
Error in matlabshared.socutils.internal.ipcorereg.system
Error in matlabshared.socutils.internal.ipcorereg.IPCoreRegWrite/stepImpl
Error in comm.zynqradioshared.base/writeReg
Error in comm.zynqradioshared.base/initRegisters
Error in comm.zynqradioshared.tx/sdrDevPreInit
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.base_control/configureChanBuffers
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.base/configureChanBuffers
Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/setupImpl
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.base_control/setupImpl
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.base/setupImpl
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.tx_control/setupImpl
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.tx/setupImpl
Error in comm.zynqradioshared.tx/setupImpl
Error in comm.libiio.AD9361.tx/transmitRepeat
Error in finalmultiad9361 (line 171)
Thanks for helping me with the above problems.

Answers (2)

jarul on 22 Oct 2019
This has been reported many times, but not fixed for a month or so. I need to do further experiment.
Kindly take a closer look at it and fix the problem please.
Thanks for your help.


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