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Rotation of points around the three principle axes (x,y,z)

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Gledson Melotti
Gledson Melotti on 22 Oct 2019
Commented: Gledson Melotti on 7 Nov 2019
Hello, how are you? I have a 3D coordinate system. My system was obtained from a LIDAR sensor. Do I need to project the 3D point clouds on the 2D flat image? I have to project my points considering the LIDAR coordinates as x: forward, y: left and z: up. However, my points were obtained by considering the following coordinates as x: right, y: down and z: forward. So how do I convert / rotate from the second convention (x: right, y: down, and z: forward) to the first convention (x: forward, y: left, and z: up)?
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Hari Krishna Ravuri
Hari Krishna Ravuri on 5 Nov 2019
Point cloud data can be displayed using pcshow.The syntax of pcshow is
where ptCloud is a Point cloud object.Once the point cloud data was displayed, you may use your mouse to rotate the points.Please refer for more information regarding pcshow.
Hope this helps!

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Gledson Melotti
Gledson Melotti on 7 Nov 2019
Hello. You are right.But I need learn how rotate mathematically. I tried to use the right hand rule and couldn't.
Bes regards.

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