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Letters from Answer Key to Percentage?

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Anne Nguyen
Anne Nguyen le 27 Oct 2019
The answer key is:
D B C B A C B D D B B A B B A D C % this from G2:W2 in an Excel Spreadsheet
While (for example), Student 1's answers are:
A A B C C B A B A B B A B B A B B % this is from G3:W3 in an Excel Spreadsheet
How do I convert the student's answers to a percentage based on their answers vs the answer key?
What I have so far is:
multAns = cell2mat(txt4); % txt4 was the student's answer
ansKey = cell2mat(txt1); % txt1 was the answer key
multipleChoiceScore = scoreMult./ansKey;
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

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David Hill
David Hill le 27 Oct 2019
percentCorrect = 100*sum((multAns-ansKey)==0)/length(ansKey);%assumes every question was answered

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